Who are you?!

To Claim the lives of those we love!

Stitching us a painful memory with it to live

Demeaning so meanly grabbing joyful vibes

Not that I’m complaining but seeking to survive

Without borders you crossed all human lives

I wanna know you so I can freely strive


Where are you from? It’s a mystery I’d like to break

Nations argue about you for the declared emergency states

Like a ticking bomb you hit all over east to west

Forcing the world to react with fear and unending anxiety

So still, you make the world stand with such adversity

No social, politico-economics, all are quarantined

At times I realize you ain’t that a savage

In surprise you showed, reminder for all we take for granted

From the poor to the rich, all brought on common badge

Not to realise the glories we curse at the worst stage

Spiritually you the God-sent, politically the killer surge

Heedless the world, C.O.R.O.N.A you halt the world.

Thoughtful are experts pacing for curative

But persisting is this pandemic on pave

Every possible measure on duty, this killer grows passive

Wear masks, sanitize, quarantine might be effective

Neither bio labs nor claimed herbs, confirmed to be curative

Still clueless, global transmission on rush, going massive

Isolate, stay safe, tranquillity is from the almighty above

Till the science proves otherwise, salvation would remain to serve.

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