Rise above the negativity

My father loved reading the newspaper.

So much so that if you dared come between him and his daily dose of the routine reading of the newspaper, you would regret the move.

 One day I found him in that sort of mood. I went on to tell him about my day and how I went to the hospital and was requested to bring some money for my spectacles to be replaced with a stronger lens.
I got a response alright.

“Shut Up!”

Those words have rung in my mind for all these years. I have grown up hating those words. I did not however let them shape me negatively.

So I embarked on a journey. A journey of molding my future to be someone he could pay attention to.

I swore to one day speak to him (Through the newspaper of course) where he will read what I have to say to him from the first paragraph to the last.

And I did.

This is my 7th year in journalism. I am happy to be doing what I do now. It is a learning curve every day of my life and I am grateful that this experience shaped my life to what it is now.

Lessons learnt
1. Never let your ugly past define you negatively

If your past has to define you, let it be on a positive note. You cannot just sit and whine about how you suffered when you were young and that is how you did not amount to anything in life. Many people have gone through worse and still thrive through it all.

You have to rise about the negativity and be something you can be proud of.

2. You are not to blame

Look, many times we become targets of negativity. I am here to tell you that it is not about you. You probably are an easy target for the person to vent out the negativity. It happens but you cannot allow that stuff to define you. If you do, you open a door to continuous hurt and anger which is definitely going to impact you negatively. Whenever you spot damaging relationships or experience some sort of abuse, use that as a tool to guide you on where not to step foot again. Shut that door and focus on the things that are fulfilling your wellness.

3. Always involve God.

You cannot do anything by yourself. Even breathing. If you do not involve God in your routine, you are predetermining your great fall. And fall you will. That’s a guarantee.

So you must live according to God’s will and be right with Him to make something out of every sad situation you may find yourself in.

4. Remain positive

Think about the things that make you happy. Invest your energy in those things as well, for whatever you put your thoughts to with so much emotion, comes to pass. Therefore whenever you are faced with a difficult situation, look for at least one thing you can learn from that and apply it in your life.

Now, go out and live life. Have fun at it. Won’t you?

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