8 Strategies to Help You Handle Toxic Relationships at Work

It is everyone’s desire to have honest, passionate and respectful colleagues. We know, however, that not all of us are lucky to work in healthy, positive environments where everyone is nurturing and happy to support themselves and others to thrive.

With the business environments becoming ever-competitive, and people seeking instant gratification with much less effort at work, toxicity and narcissistic behaviours are increasing day in day out. Toxic and narcissistic individuals can make work unbearable and leave some people with anxiety and depression if not well handled. 

“Brand yourself justly- you are a walking business!”

In July 2021, I got an opportunity to attend a first-ever women entrepreneurship workshop in North Cyprus. It was a mind blowing event . It was a great step forward for local women leaders to support young women on the Island to think about as well as establish businesses. At the meeting, two-dozen local business leaders spoke widely about their ventures, the challenges of being a business leader and lessons learned throughout their business and career paths.