After COVID-19, I am more in tune with my body!

By early August 2020, people were still coming into terms with the effects of COVID-19. Businesses had been dead or were dying due to the stringent measures put in place to avoid contamination. 

Lockdowns and other containment measures had left universities, businesses and entrepreneurs counting losses. Nevertheless, the government in North Cyprus was putting all efforts to support residents to remain safe and treat those infected effectively.

In August, six months after the first case on the Island, it looked like the spread of the virus was going down. Hence, some businesses opened their doors and welcomed tourists and locals alike. People, especially students, hurriedly went back to work in search of the elusive coin. It had been several months since the last time people could meet and interact freely without a care. Now, masks and sanitation was the new normal. 

As the world Isolated, I was saving turtles!

It’s five o’clock in the morning and most people are still asleep in this Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Being that it is summer, the sun rises earlier. The cool air sweeping in from the sea, makes mornings the best time to sleep. Thus, many people tend to sleep in more during summer mornings.

On this sleepy side of the Island, something beautiful happens every summer- it’s turtle hatching time. In 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, as a norm, young people have gathered from different parts of the world to protect the newly hatched sea turtles as they make their way into the sea.

How I reconnected with my self during the lockdown

Like many other students in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), Annette Kiru was excited about the New Year, 2020. 2020 was not only a new year, but also a new decade. The promise for a new and amazing start created a bubble of joy and filled people with renewed hope and zeal for life.

Kiru particularly looked forward to making a trip back to Kenya for a few weeks and head back to TRNC for the final leg of her master degree. Little did she know the tour to Kenya would be one to never forget!

“I was in Kenya when the lockdown happened,” says Kiru noting that initially, she thought that the situation was not that serious. You see, at the time -early March- life in Africa was still ‘normal’ as the continent had reported only but a few Covid-19 cases.

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