Life is not perfect. We are not perfect. It’s fine

For me, the most important life lesson I have learned so far, is that life has no agenda. We should live life and enjoy every moment of it because it’s a wonderful gift. Though, it seems like there is much time to enjoy it and live a full life, the truth is, life as we know it can end without a warning. Look at the year 2020 for example, what we knew as life in 2019 and before, has since taken an about-turn. Now, we have to adapt into the new life and keep moving.

So, as human beings, the only thing we can do is to forget about all we know about life and focus on enjoying each day as it comes. Enjoy every hug, kiss, exercise, dance or song because in the end, these moments are the ones that count the most. And these are the things I plan to focus on starting now.

Dating your co-worker is marvellous until it is not! Here is my experience

Ours started as a friendship.

One morning as I was seated in the front office, a young, shy man walked in to get directions to a department in my then organisation. He would end up working as a finance liaison officer for several years. Once in a while, he offered me support with my work so that we could enjoy plenty of time together without me worrying about pending assignments.  

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