“Brand yourself justly- you are a walking business!”

In July 2021, I got an opportunity to attend a first-ever women entrepreneurship workshop in North Cyprus. It was a mind blowing event . It was a great step forward for local women leaders to support young women on the Island to think about as well as establish businesses. At the meeting, two-dozen local business leaders spoke widely about their ventures, the challenges of being a business leader and lessons learned throughout their business and career paths.

Music: Where I Find Tranquility, Growth and a Sense of Belonging

Nitah strumming her guitar

Art is not just putting pen to paper, or brush to canvas. For many artists, art is a way of life. For them, it is a way of seeing the world, a way of expressing their views and pouring their feelings. Without art, they would not be the people they are today.

This month, we are are glad to talk with Nitah, a young female artist, a law student and a passionate guitar player who admits that art, music to specific, helps her to explore the world and pen her imagination.

Here is her story.

How I reconnected with my self during the lockdown

Like many other students in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), Annette Kiru was excited about the New Year, 2020. 2020 was not only a new year, but also a new decade. The promise for a new and amazing start created a bubble of joy and filled people with renewed hope and zeal for life.

Kiru particularly looked forward to making a trip back to Kenya for a few weeks and head back to TRNC for the final leg of her master degree. Little did she know the tour to Kenya would be one to never forget!

“I was in Kenya when the lockdown happened,” says Kiru noting that initially, she thought that the situation was not that serious. You see, at the time -early March- life in Africa was still ‘normal’ as the continent had reported only but a few Covid-19 cases.

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My intriguing experience in North Cyprus as a student

On their way from the airport, the prevalent deserted road and barren land stared back at them. The school bus cruised through the dry Savannah and scrubs majestically. Outside, a heat shimmer could be seen escaping the overheated roadway, with each passing breeze lifting dust from the bare land. Inside, the new students who had just landed on the Island sat with faces transfixed onto the windows trying to understand their new world.

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