My Silent Protest

My heart bleeds for my nation.
My eyes are filled with tears by what we have become.
My hands are tied with chains of nepotism, tribalism and politics.
My feet are bound by the pandemic limitations and travel bans.
My imagination is polluted by tear gas.
My mind bombarded by lies and propaganda.
My thoughts linger on how to move forward and make a difference.

Touching: coronavirus has made us appreciate what we took for granted

It is amazing how most of us tend to live our lives so unconsciously that we just pass through life without noticing some of the amazing moments around us. Those moments actually are enough to give life meaning. 

In recent months, especially, we have all craved for touch. A hug, a kiss, or both from loved ones. However, containment measures put in place to reduce the spread of Coronavirus has interrupted what we once took for granted.