8 Signs that Your Friendship is Toxic

Friendships are really important parts of our everyday life. Healthy friendships remind us that we are not alone. They provide a safe environment where the parties involved can share their joy, vent about their frustrations, seek guidance and support for our wellbeing. 

On the other hand, toxic friendships are frustrating and can leave one of the parties feeling used, unappreciated, unrecognised and worse still anxiety-filled. It is thus important to know the signs to look out for in a friendship to know if you are dealing with a toxic friend. If you know the signs earlier, you can intervene earlier to save time and energy. 

8 Strategies to Help You Handle Toxic Relationships at Work

It is everyone’s desire to have honest, passionate and respectful colleagues. We know, however, that not all of us are lucky to work in healthy, positive environments where everyone is nurturing and happy to support themselves and others to thrive.

With the business environments becoming ever-competitive, and people seeking instant gratification with much less effort at work, toxicity and narcissistic behaviours are increasing day in day out. Toxic and narcissistic individuals can make work unbearable and leave some people with anxiety and depression if not well handled. 

How to build Long-Lasting Relationships using Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence helps in building relationships

Have you ever been impressed by an individual who is so good at creating rapport and making people feel understood even after short conversations? Have you been impressed by their genuine interest in people and the manner in which they make people vulnerable in such a manner that they make them tell personal stories? It is very possible that such an individual possesses high levels of Emotional Intelligence (EI). Granted that is also closely found among certain personality types more than others, it is an ability that can be taught and learnt.

Touching: coronavirus has made us appreciate what we took for granted

It is amazing how most of us tend to live our lives so unconsciously that we just pass through life without noticing some of the amazing moments around us. Those moments actually are enough to give life meaning. 

In recent months, especially, we have all craved for touch. A hug, a kiss, or both from loved ones. However, containment measures put in place to reduce the spread of Coronavirus has interrupted what we once took for granted.