Touching: coronavirus has made us appreciate what we took for granted

With touch, however, we need not anything else. The human body, such an amazing universe by itself, we sometimes take it for granted. Our relationship with others, so much underrated due to our attachments to others or ourselves

It is not that we do not get it. No. We sometimes do not act consciously about what we feel or do. We feel it. Some more. Some less, but we all do. That oneness, that connection with others, even the ones we met only once or twice.

Imagine what happens when we allow ourselves to feel. We exchange energy, cells, thoughts, and emotions. Our being is partly an immortal piece of that other person. That is amazing. Of course, this happens to all of us. It is not something unique to just the lucky few. No. We can all feel it, if we allow ourselves to go the extra mile.

We are living in strange times. Wars, viruses, restrictions, mental slavery, just to name but a few. Nevertheless, we still can embrace these challenges and walk together as a human race. All we need is the human touch.

The pandemic has made us appreciate the little things like touching even more. Credit: StockSnap/ Pixabay

We tend to ignore its significance, but miracles happen when we touch. Our energy can connect with the energy of the other. We can also connect without the touch of course. However, we can only compare this to the difference between using an Ethernet connection and WIFI. While you can still access the internet via WIFI, we all agree that Ethernet connection is stronger, faster and more reliable.

When we touch, our energies in that specific moment are connected with the energies of the other. An exchange happens. It is inevitable.

I am not talking about a special hug or a moment of intimacy. Just a simple touch is enough. Our body’s energy is not a limited thing. It can spread hundreds of metres away. Our thoughts can travel across the whole universe. Have you ever experienced it? It is in moments when you think about someone and this individual is thinking about you too. Then, you find yourselves, texting or calling each other simultaneously. Imagine how much energy circulates within such a short period! Our heart, our nervous system and all the systems in the human body are interconnected in amazing ways to create a creature that is amazingly flexible and can adapt easily to survive within a given environment.

This connection does not only happen with people only. It can also happen with anything.  Some places, concepts, animals, plants, water, just anything really.  We are where our energies focus anyway. We are not limited when we exchange energy or through our connections with the environment around us. On the contrary, you might find motivation and feel more energized around people or places with which you are connected.

The future looks bright. We shall emerge at the end of tunnel, winners. Credit: cm_dasilva/ Pixabay

It can happen of course, that some people behave like vampires and take all your energy trying to compensate for their own inadequacies. The opposite could also be true. You may meet people, go to places or find things that ooze so much energy that your energy rises up, even by thinking of them. 

The human touch is an amazing thing. Is it not?  

For a moment, imagine what happens during an intimate moment, dancing with a partner, having a massage, or hugging a loved one or a stranger. Of course, all these moments can be achieved mechanically- without emotions- and they still could have an amazing effect on someone. What happens if they happened intentionally, consciously and with focus? How many more beautiful connections and exchanges could be achieved in that moment?

You can even feel the energy by touching a tree. An old one or even a young one. It does not matter. Then, you may touch another one and it feels different. The exchange is different. However, when you find one that has the kind of energy that you need at that moment, and they are willing to give it for a bit of your own wonderful energy, then a miracle happens. It can happen with nature, people, animals, and plants, anything that has life.

Some people call it life.

Article written by Anestis Pangiotou

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